There is a maximum limit of 3 dogs per adult in the DRS at any time.

Your dog must:

  • Be current on vaccinations.
  • Have a current license.
  • Wear an owner ID tag at all times.
  • Be leashed when entering and exiting the DRS. Dog owners/handlers must carry a leash with them at all times while in the dog park.


  • Clean up dog waste. Seal waste in a plastic bag before disposing in trash bin.
  • Fill any holes your dog digs.

Prohibited in this DRS:

  • Choke, prong and spike collars
  • Children under the age of 7
  • Children ages 7-13 unless accompanied by an adult
  • Aggressive dogs. Dogs must be removed at the first sign of aggression.
  • Female dogs in heat
  • Puppies younger than four months of age
  • Excessive barking
  • Unmuzzled pit bulls (per City of Boston Code of Ordinances Chapter XVI, Section 16-1.9E.5)
  • Unattended dogs. Be within view of your dog at all times.
  • Food or drink
  • Bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades or any motorized vehicles
  • Pools

You are responsible for damage or injury inflicted by your dog. Use of this DRS is at your own risk. Failure to abide by the park rules may result in loss of privileges or owners may be ticketed.

Other usage guidelines:

  1. If you are not sure how your dog will behave in the DRS, try to visit when few other dogs are there to keep the intimidation level as low as possible. Keep your visit short to minimize the stress on your dog.
  2. When entering and exiting the DRS, do not enter the double-gated transition area if there is already someone in that area.
  3. Remove your dog’s leash in the transition area before entering the DRS.
  4. Quickly move away from the entrance area as you enter. That will help disperse the group of dogs that will come over to welcome your dog to the park. Move away from the fence so that your dog will not feel cornered or threatened.
  5. Watch your dog closely. If your dog acts aggressively, please put the dog on a leash immediately and exit the DRS.
  6. Always be considerate of others.
  7. Always scoop your dog’s poop. Bags are provided, please use them.
  8. Please clean up your park. Trash, cigarettes, chicken bones, and anything else on the ground may end up in a dog’s mouth. We must all work to keep our park clean.
  9. Choke, prong, or spiked collars are not allowed inside the DRS. Each of these collar types can result in injury to its wearer, another dog, or a person.
  10. If your pet has a contagious condition, stay away until a veterinarian has said that there is no danger to other dogs.
  11. This is a playground for dogs, not children. Children under age 7 are not allowed in the DRS, and children ages 7-13 must be supervised by an adult. Be sure you teach your child how to behave properly in a DRS. Children should not run around, scream, pick up and wave sticks, or approach animals that they do not know.
  12. Each handler is legally responsible for his or her dog, and neither the Ronan Park Dog Recreation Space nor the City of Boston will assume responsibility for any injuries to humans or animals; therefore, each handler is responsible for supervision of his or her animal. All handlers must remain in the park with their dog at all times.